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ok.since i'm feeling so demm bored like hell here,  
i decided to try my luck on this giveaway contest.
ini sy nmpk dr blog si mata sepet
but the real organizer for this contest is c wency

it's so simple
you only have to tell 10 facts about you and your loved one :)
so if you guys maw join this contest, klik sj link yg sy sdh bg tue
and baca lar rules and regulations nya ok :)
 klik the link for the real organizer :D

ok let's start!

1st  fact:
we only know each other for 9 days before we tie the knot..hohoho (agak terburu-buru yerr)

2nd fact:
i'm the one who invited him out at first. actually, not for a date tp untuk lunch sama2 tym kami kerja dulu d sana parkson wawasan. dan dy pun setuju laju (ayat bm tlampau pasar)
3rd fact:
eventhough i am the one who invited him out at first, but sy masih jual mhal lagi tym tue. sy than2 ja nda mnta num hp dy tp sy ada bg hint2 sdh lar..hehehe. finally, he gave up and he's the one who asked for my number first. sedaras kilat sy bg jo! (tp sy nda lar kc ktara sgt..kah3)

4th fact:
i'm his 7th girlfriend...can you believe that?? he's only my third :) but we are each other's last. :)

5th fact:
dy sgt suka makan lada....extreme chilli lover!! manakala sy pula berbeza 360 darjah, sebab sy paling xsuka makanan pedas.

6th fact:
he's a christmas baby born in 1991 and everytime 25 december comes, i have to prepare two gifts for him..and i only get one gift from him...but usually i give food as one of the gifts so that i can tumpang sekaki mkn tue hadiah dy...hohoho, pintar kn sy :)

7th fact:
if we go to chinese restaurant, mst kami slalu kna tnya order dlm bhsa cina. sebab muka kami mcm cina tp sebenarnya tidak.

8th fact:
we are both food lover. asal keluar ja dating, knfirm 4 kali makan sehari (kalau tym byk duit). mungkin kami patut ambil kelas bahasa mandarin n apply jd pengacara Ho Chak!

9th fact:
he quit smoking after he dated me..:)

10th fact:
we have faced a lot of obstacles in this relationship yet we still haven't found the reason to break apart. instead, we found lots of reason to stay strong together. 

p/s:I smurf you, sweetheart :D

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