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♥ posted at: @10/28/2011
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as soon as you see the title above,
i know the first thing that will come to your mind is
"oh tidaaak, perasannya perempuan ini"

well, i don't care...coz sy tetap maw perasan jg...miahahahahah!!!!
hehe...actually, i just come back from Karamunsing to get my sister's new lappy
she has been wanting the laptop for so demm freakin' bad long time ago (okay, enough of exaggeration).
her new lappy is PURPLE in colour...metallic purple lae..gorgeous beb! 

Sory I don't own a DSLR..blur and pixel pcah2..huhu..
i bought her that lappy because she cannot afford to buy it in Peninsular...
and feeling responsible as the eldest sister, i try to get her one from Sabah so that she can do her assignment and presentations.
baik kan saya?? hahaha..
but actually, it's a laptop with a 24-month loan scheme payment....ttetttt!!
knapa kamu igt sy bli cash kh?hahaha
oh tidak, sy tidak sekaya itu untuk beli cash!
but i tried my best to solve her problem so this is the best that i can give her :)

i hope with that laptop she will do the best in her study.
seeing all my siblings succeed in life is one of my goals as a sister in my life.
and i will do anything to make sure that my goal will be achieved.

to my sister yg dpt lappy purple gorgeous itu,
study rajin2 ok.
don't be like yours truly here, berblogging dan stalk org sj kerja tiap2 hari!
hehe..bye ^^

 Left: Me Right: My sister
different look right??

p/s: Special big thanks to my hubby too for helping me in managing the loan scheme...*kisses*

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