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last night, i was shocked by an issue regarding the 
yes! i was really shocked by the video that i watched on youtube

what has happened to our society nowadays?
some comments regarding the issue stated that it is actually the fault of the parents who were careless enough to let their children play on the roads.
that may be partially true,
but what has become the growing concern is
people are becoming more and more heartless in nowadays world.
if i were on that street during the incident,
i will at least move the child to the side and call an ambulance.
why did the pedestrians that passed by the street didn't have the guts to do something??
fortunately, there was a garbage collector who was concern enough to help the children,
move her to the street side and find the parents.

so, should i conclude that the garbage collector is more civilized than the other pedestrians there?
why don't the other pedestrian who saw the girl earlier help her?
what stopped them from doing so?
i just don't understand...

p/s: kucing ney ckp: jgn smpai sy tembak kamu gna AK47 bru korang mau sedar nilai kemanusiaan.

hehe..peace out!

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