▸ McD' Mid-Month Promotion starts today !! ... ♬
♥ posted at: @10/17/2011
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yeayy!!the promotion is here!!
it's time for the McDonald Mid Month Promotion for October again
honestly speaking, i'm not a big fan of McD but
yeps, there is no wrong in promoting it....right??...

so those of you yang mau dapatkan kupon tue
bley lar klik link dibawah ini


just print the coupon and go to the nearest McDonald outlet 
to grab your McValue meal
for only RM6.99*

Okay lar juga tue...bley save RM2.95 sen kan....
just valid from 17-25 October 2011 jadi bgus kamu pg awal2
hehe..sy sndiri xdpt pg coz elaun sy mau hbs sdh..huhu
bh, enjoy lar meal korang k. bye

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