▸ Short shoutout: Mid-Term Break ... ♬
♥ posted at: @10/21/2011
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i hereby proudly announced that

we have a week of break for this semester..fuhh!
from 22nd to 30th Oct 2011.

but ironically, i cannot enjoy it to the fullest...huwaaaa!!!

bcoz i got exam bh after the break...so i need to study real hard during this holiday
sungguh nda syokk owh.....

and  does that means less blogging??
no, don't worry...i will still keep updating my blog ok :)

to those of my friends who are going back, well...have a safe trip
for those who are staying in the hostel, like me,
let's go nuts! hehe...x bh..

ok, that's it! bye.

p/s: wish me luck in doing my revision and less stalking :D

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