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♥ posted at: @10/30/2011
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"Someone once told me that I press the shutter when God wants it pressed. From then on, I felt like photography indeed was something bigger than an ephemeral crotchet, beyond the crust of my soul, brighter than light itself. And so it is. Art has made me a believer, a deceiver, a winner, a loser, a fighter, a thinker, a dreamer, a doer, a goer, and above it all, it has made me myself.
And I realised that we are much more than just mould; and there is much more to love"
 Felicia Simion
hi guys.
just now, i've been walking through some fashion blogs
and I found lots of breathtaking pictures.
i cannot hold myself from sharing those pictures with you guys....
so let the pictures do the saying themselves :)

honestly speaking, i like the way the photographer manipulates the colour in her art works.
see more great works from her here

credit to Felicia Simion. You can also find her on facebook here

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