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ok since we have 3 days of holiday before the next paper,
i have decided to write an entry about ....

a cat named MARU!!
Maru, or in English translation means round or circle,
is a popular Scottish Fold cat that has been raised up in Japan.
guess why it has been named Maru....
because it has a very round face and weighs about 5.5 kg...well, i don't know the exact current weight but i guess it will keep on increasing..hehe

Maru is very popular on Youtube. Till now, it has received two Youtube awards since it made it's first debut on Youtube in 2009.
Maru has also become a model in various brands, and even become the highlight in animal section in New York Times!
who is the owner of Maru?? 
of course ME!
Yeah....I WISH!
actually the owner has never been revealed and only use the nickname 'mugumogu' when posting videos of Maru on Youtube.

i am seriously addicted to this cat! huh...i even asked my MR. RIGHT to buy me a cat as one of the wedding dowry..hehe...
bley bh bg kucing sebagai hantaran...kmu igt xbley kh?
one of my friends got rabbit as a dowry so for me, i want a cat..or cats maybe...hehe
and i even think of building a sanctuary for stray cats and dogs in the future...
so that all these stray cats and dogs have the chances of having a HOME.

lets have a sneak peak on MARU! :D :D:D

Maru loves small boxes, despite it's fat body.

Maru's round face, and round eyes too..

Wassup yo!! want some grass?
Maru loves to play in the sink.

Dissapointed Maru.

Yes, I'm fat but I can jump. Garfield can't.

he's cute right??
I don't own these pictures, in fact, I get all these pictures from
yepp, he got a blog made by his owner
yes, i'm a cat stalker now!

visit Maru's blog here

thanks for reading, happy 11.11.11 :)

p/s: remember the Tsunami tragedy in Japan on March 2011? Maru survived it :)

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