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♥ posted at: @11/19/2011
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it's been a long time I didn't update my blog
blame the IPG wifi for being incredibly slow.
seriously, when will Malaysia change all their internet wires to fibre optics??
kalau kamu maw dpt undi sy, bgus kamu tukar lu smua tue wayar copper pigi fibre optics! huh!

ok I don't want to talk about that
because it will only make my mood becomes worse.
back to the topic,
it is a French translation for
GOODBYE SABAH ( blame Google translate kalau translation itu salah)
yes, I'm leaving Sabah for KL to spend my year-end-holiday with my mum in KL.
i will be leaving tomorrow
1830 AK5123

perasaan sy? bercampur-campur!
macam2 ada!!
nervous because this will be my first experience to be on the plane
excited as I will be in a new surrounding, plus there will be a lot of shopping to do with my mum :D
extremely sad because I will not be able to celebrate my Hubby's birthday this year
which will be on the 25th of December.
tersangatlah sedih tp apa bley buat kn...

last year I've already celebrate it with him, and this year, I have to make way for my own family.
maybe it is true that i can't have it all at one time
thanks to him for being so understanding

nanti sy kasi beli ko hadiah ja lar ah...hehehe

bh cukup panjang sdh ney..
hope my flight tomorrow will be smooth without any delay.

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