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♥ posted at: @11/27/2011
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it's been a while since my last update in this blog.
actually i planned to re-decorate this blog during this holidays, but i don't know why  i still don't have the mood to do so.
for sure, i'm not busy here.
so long, life in KL is nearly heaven for me.
i can wake up at noon, eat whenever and whatever i like and the best part of it is i don't have to worry about money.
at last, i don't have to worry about my daily expenses since i got my mom here.
man, she is awesome in spending money!
standard price for her is RM100 ++ so most of her outfits cost RM100++
and when we go shopping, we finished RM500 upwards.
still, she seems to be never out of money :)

even so, i still didn't have the chance to have a tour around KL.
so far, i have been to The Mall, and Batu Caves.
didn't have the chance to go to the Twin Tower and KL Tower yet because my mom working hour is crazy.
she goes to work at about 5 pm everyday and only go back home at about 3 in the morning.
yes, i will be alone all night long at home except for Sunday.

whatever it is,
i go to KL not for visiting purposes.
like every student, when they have holiday, for sure they will pack their things and go home.
same thing as mine here.
so please stop asking what i am doing in KL, because my purpose is just to get some rest before my brain needs to work all the way again when the new semester begin.

till then, good day and enjoy your holidays.
will be giving new update if something interesting happen! :)

p/s: being in an aeroplane is not interesting at all. it's like you are sitting still in a cold room for a period of time.

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